About Us


Welcome to KidsCare Pre-Kindy and OOSH, led by owner and director Chloe Chapman. After recently acquiring the business formerly known as The Inglewood Station (Sussex), Chloe brings over 15 years of experience in education and a Bachelor of Education to provide a high-quality school readiness Pre-Kindy program for 3-5 year old. As a mother of two herself, Chloe understands the crucial role early childhood education plays in future success and is committed to creating a personalised and play-based preschool program to make a positive impact on the enrolled children. Thank you for choosing KidsCare Pre-Kindy for your child’s early education journey.

At KidsCare Pre-Kindy and OOSH, We provide the best preschool services, encouraging early self-development, curiosity, and self-assurance so that your kid may be themselves in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our instructors are committed to giving your most priceless gift—your child—a joyful and healthy environment. We cordially encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can talk about the early learning requirements for both you and your kid and how we can best serve your family

Play As You Learn

Music Classes

Help children develop their rhythm, coordination, and listening skills.

Physical Education

Helping children develop their gross coordination, and social skills.

Foreign Language

Introducing young children to new languages and cultures

Science Classes

Help children develop their curiosity and problem-solving skills.

Learning Through Play

A variety of play-based learning activities to engage learners.

Hands-on Activities

Incorporate hands-on activities that encourage exploration.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Encourage children's explore topics that interest them.

Collaborative Learning

Opportunities for children to work together on projects or activities.